A New Beginning . A Fresh Start - Notes from Design

As we begin the year for 2020, we find ourselves reflecting on what is important to us, both personally and professionally. We offered ourselves some time away with family and friends and also at our home over Christmas and New Year – the best gift of all - and have had time to discuss what our key goals are for the year ahead.

We have made some personal family new year resolutions such as focussing on eating five days meat and alcohol free per week, attending regular Pilates and yoga sessions and spending more time with our beloved friends and family.

One of our professional goals was to create a space where we could connect with you, our valued customers from behind the scenes and bring you a little further into the Layer/d space.

And so, we would like to introduce another aspect of our ‘We Are Inspired’ campaign – Notes from Design.

In this space we will give further insight into what our passions are, what we are focusing on for the year of 2020 with regards to our business and our collections, and also what we are doing as a family, what we focus on at home with our children.

We hope you enjoy this space and look forward to sharing our journey with you throughout the year ahead.

The Spirit of Giving

A few months ago, we decided to spend this last Christmas with some dear old friends from Sydney. We made plans to camp at their favourite family campsite, a place where they have spent Christmas/New Year for many, many years – a place called Mystery Bay in NSW.

A beautiful place set on a cliffside surrounded by the most exquisite Australian bush, a place where, from your tent at night, you are lulled to sleep by the waves rolling in, and during the day can explore sea caves and make sandcastles with your children decorated with seaweed and seashells. The perfect family get-a-way.

Whilst we were grateful to experience all of this beauty, we were also acutely aware of the fires raging all over the country. A small trip inland gave us an insight into the smoke laden countryside, and our hearts filled with sadness for all of those who had lost their homes and lives, and for how many animals had perished along the way.

In the spirit of giving and coming together as a community we are offering $10- from every garment sold in the month of January to various charities to help support those who are working to save lives and homes all over the country. We urge you to consider an offering also – may the spirit of giving extend to those in need throughout the beginning of the new year:





Haring & Basquiat: Crossing Lines

This weekend we spent time at one of our favourite places - the NGV in Melbourne and were lucky enough to view the Keith Haring/Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition: Crossing Lines.

The exhibition surveys each artist’s tragically short, yet prolific career through more than 200 artworks, including works created in public spaces, painting, sculpture, objects, works on paper, photographs and more. Crossing Lines provides local and international audiences with a comprehensive insight into these influential artists’ careers.

Each artist is acclaimed for his distinctive visual language, employing signs, symbols and words to convey strong social and political messages in unconventional ways. 

If you have an opportunity to visit this incredible exhibition, we urge you to do so prior to its closing on the 13th of April. It’s one not to be missed.


On an Airier Note

I consider myself very lucky to have my wonderful husband Joe for many reasons, not the least of which is his ability to make the most incredible sourdough bread.

For his birthday this year one of the presents I gave him was the book Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson. Of course, I knew that it was really a present for our whole family and I’m happy to say that we are all benefiting from it.

His latest achievements include a new recipe which can be found in the link below. Both myself and our son Finn are massive olive fans and so you can be certain that this loaf went in the space of two days – simply delicious!