BTS - Notes From Design

T R A N S - S E A S O N A L   / 2 2   -   I N T O   T H E   L I G H T
There is no doubt that the world is offering up an opportunity to slow down, reflect and refine our practices for a better future ahead. Whilst there is always uncertainty around the notion of change, an enlightened perspective is always the outcome, and for this we are grateful. 
 We are in a time of recreating our reality. Who are we, what are our innate values, and what is it that we love to do? For us at Layer/d we have been embracing walks in nature, diving deep into creative therapy, searching for artists that inspire us, books that captivate us, podcasts that speak to our soul. Creating a sense of connection again to those things that generate a spark within us and enable us to feel connected to our people, our community.

Our Fall 22 collection reflects this journey. Utilising soft hues inspired by our landscape. Sage Green, Pine, Earthy Pink, Rust and Ecru begin our journey with our Trans-seasonal collection. Our signature Pensel Print reminiscent of the soft brushstrokes of Monet’s paintings allow us to lose ourselves in a softer, more gentle perspective.

Our sustainability journey continues with renewed vigour. Pieced together shirting utilising old stock fabrics create a new life within the collection. Classic silhouettes are revisited, however the concept of dressing up again couldn’t be more important. Showing a stronger sense of self in our outfitting, use of colour and choice of style, we relish the opportunity to dress up and connect with friends and loved ones. Let the celebrations begin.

We look forward to our journey continuing throughout the year ahead and send out our heartfelt thanks to our Layer/d community for showing such support and love during this time of change and renewal.
We are grateful for you x