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We had the great pleasure of spending time recently with Jenna Holmes also widely known as Plant Mama, and now also Pasta Mama - yum! Her boundless energy and enthusiasm were truly an inspiration. It was such a pleasure to be in the company of someone who has so much passion and drive to constantly move forward and is willing to push through personal boundaries in order to harness more power whilst remaining present in the here and now. We spoke about all things sensory and the importance intuition plays in her creative process - such an incredible example of trusting your inner voice. 

Can you share more about your upbringing and background? What might a stranger be curious to learn about you, or what background might give them context into who you are today? 

My upbringing was in country Queensland in Toowoomba, which I am really grateful for. Now that I am older I love the concept of growing up outside a bustling/energetically hectic city. My mother’s story is very interesting, and that has definitely shaped who I am. Her family of six fled to Australia during the revolution in Iran and bought a pineapple farm in rural Queensland, not knowing ANYTHING about farming and let alone pineapples. The impact of their whole story and the decisions that my grandparents had to make has trickled down into my life, and I am fully aware of it and grateful for it. 

What have been the most important touchstones in your understanding of art and aesthetics?

I think intuition and difference would be the two main factors when I think about art and aesthetics. Most creative decisions that I make will consider those two things first - “does this “feel” right?” is the question that gets asked above all because I have learnt that normally how I ‘feel’ towards something tends to be the best way forward. And then I ask if it’s different, even in a small way, because the replication of something already created is boring and uninspiring.

What does spaciousness mean to you?

Everything. I would die being in a small space because I move around too much. One day I plan on living on a big property with no visual neighbours.

What can we learn from our connection to sensory experiences? How might we deepen that understanding?

I think sensory experiences are the subtle reminders that we are alive, they take us sometimes momentarily out of the digital mediums that we have become stuck to. In order to really feel the sensory experiences going on around us daily and even hourly, you must be present in it, in order to feel it. I think presence (which I definitely struggle with the most) is the key to understanding the more that life has to offer. 

What brings you alive? When do you feel the most awake to this feeling?

We were discussing this amongst friends the other day, I am now known as P Mama because all I need in this life are: plants, pasta, pals and puppies. But in all seriousness, that’s when I feel the most alive and myself - cooking pasta for my friends, surrounded by plants or nature in a beautiful setting, with my little puppy Sprout. It’s all about the simple things.

What about starting your own business has changed or informed your approach to creating, more generally? 

Starting a business has ignited my need to change things up constantly - which is how I work best. I think the 9-5 job setting did not suit my needs because it was too structured and too ground-hog-day. The ability to form and create things in my own time has hugely affected my daily satisfaction and the ability to run the business successfully.

How do you spend the first 20 minutes of your day?

I am very much an early bird and now even more so with my puppy Sprout. The first twenty minutes are spent with some cuddles, followed by grabbing a grapefruit and her lead and off we go for a walk 

What are some of your favorite books — ones you’ve either recently read or that you have perhaps given to others as gifts?

The Universe Has Your Back, The Four Agreements, The Celestine Prophecy and Light in the New Black

What is a current curiosity for you?

All things Pasta-related at the moment as I start my next adventure: Pasta Mama. It’s nice to be inspired and excited about something else that I am enthusiastic about other than plants, and the feedback already has been amazing. Very happy P.Mama at the moment!


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