Rani Hallums | We Are Inspired

Creative Director Rani Hallums reveals how being true to her passions has ultimately led her to running a successful business during a challenging time in the retail marketplace.


Can you share a little more about yourself, your upbringing, and background — what has been integral in becoming the woman you are today?  

I was lucky to have been bought up by two incredible parents who offered me an insight into how to be true to your passions and always strive to better yourself in what you do. This foundation has offered so many opportunities in my life and has ultimately led me to run my own successful business during a challenging time in the retail marketplace.

 What about starting your own business has changed or informed your approach to making, more generally? 

 Having studied a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at RMIT University, I was given a good grounding in many areas, however there is nothing quite like starting your own business to offer you a steep learning curve in your chosen profession. Whilst this means that you are always busy perfecting new areas of your understanding, it also provides a constant progression forward and means that you never stand still and become complacent in the workplace. I think this practice is so relevant when it comes to fashion, as soon as you stand still, your label becomes dated and people lose interest. That’s why we are always looking for something new to offer to our customers – a new way to look, feel and think.

How does your own individual style translate into your pieces – in form, function and material? 

 I believe in beauty through simplicity. The strongest pieces in my wardrobe are the ones that translate across the seasons. However, simplicity can often be more of a challenge to perfect than a garment with many details, prints or trims. A beautiful shirt is timeless and ageless, however if there’s not enough detail you run the risk of it being overlooked. It must contain an element that’s current so that its relevant to the here and now. It must also be cut from a high-quality cloth and offer a soft feminine silhouette with the perfect amount of detailing to survive through many seasons. That’s part of the philosophy behind the brand and something I work on as a daily practice.

 Often we discuss that the narrative around “balance” needs to be rewritten when you don’t necessarily want to have these two different work/home “identities.” How does this manifest for you? 

 This is an interesting one as I work with my husband, so our work/home identities are so closely tied. We are also blessed to have two beautiful children who keep us busy, so we work when we have the time to do so and we play when we are all together as a family. This means for us that we don’t have a set nine to five work day, that it’s more fluid so that we can spend quality time in whatever area of our lives that we are focusing on. This approach works well for us, both in business and in our family life.

 How do you address periods of procrastination or self-doubt?

 I find that my moments of procrastination and self-doubt come about when I have lost touch with my inner self. Often something as simple as making time to do something for myself will allow me to reconnect again and get back on track.

Is there a metaphor, a quote, a piece of writing, or visual composition that is speaking to you right now? 

 My mother studied Buddhist philosophy and one of the key lessons that she used to repeat when I was growing up was “If it’s not good for you, if it’s not good for the other person, if it’s not good for the universe, don’t do it, say it, think it.” And I think this will stay with me for the rest of my life.

 Who or what is inspiring to you right now?

 Pilates – I have just started practicing after many years of yoga and am finding that it’s such a fantastic way for me to reconnect with my self after a busy day in the office.