We are on the move to a more sustainable future


At Layer/d we are constantly inspired by our muse: The Layer/d woman. She is confident, relaxed, globally conscious and intelligent. She is effortless in her approach to her life and style.

With such a muse in mind, we feel strongly about constantly refining the way we run our business, the impact that we have on our suppliers, stockists, customers and ultimately the planet we live on.

Our mission is to always invoke a feeling of strength, sensitivity, and joy in all that we touch.

It is then no surprise that we are passionate about making positive change within our business and supply chain, towards a more sustainable future, and ensuring that both integrity and respect are at the forefront of everything we do.

We are on a constant journey, researching and implementing new ideas and concepts season by season. With this journey comes great successes along with challenges and obstacles to overcome.

However, the journey itself is rich and rewarding and we look forward to bringing you along in the seasons to come.


When designing, the first point of reference is always our customer. What is she asking for, what are her passions?

There are key styling points that we always endeavour to keep in mind, such as arm coverage, appropriate lengths on all items, and neat clean necklines in order to instantly make our customer feel at ease in our garments.

Then, of course, we reference our customers'

lifestyle, where she will wear the Layer/d product and who will she be surrounded by when doing so.

Comfort and function are key.

After these areas have been addressed, we focus on what will inspire her to wear each item season after season. We believe there is beauty in simplicity. The strongest pieces in any wardrobe are the ones that translate across the seasons.


All of our garments are made in Melbourne by exceptional local makers that we have been working with since the inception of Layer/d. A cornerstone of our business, we are passionate about supporting local manufacturing and revitalizing the Australian Fashion Industry.

While it is no secret that manufacturing in Australia has a significantly higher cost compared to offshore manufacturing, it does provide us with great certainty that everyone involved in making our garments are fairly paid and treated. Working in such close proximity, allows us to work alongside our makers and monitor our production, reduce our waste and minimise our carbon footprint.


All of our manufacturers are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, which ensures everyone involved in the construction and manufacturing of our garments are fairly paid, receive their legal minimum entitlements and work in safe conditions.


We are surrounded by caring, talented and passionate team members who are driven by the values we share. We are committed to making waves and challenging processes to find ethically and environmentally friendly solutions. Our workplace is encouraging, thoughtful, flexible and very respectful.

We also recycle, reduce where we can and reuse always.


Over the many years of Layer/d, our local ethically accredited Melbourne makers have become an integral part of our business. They have become like family and their talent lays in the quality of our garments. We are so proud to support local manufacturing and champion the values we hold so closely.


Like our makers, our suppliers have also become an integral part of the Layer/d team. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with our suppliers who share many of the same values. Our fabrics, trims and materials are sourced through local businesses who import from all around Australia, China and Japan.

We are currently in the process of implementing a Supplier Code of Conduct, where we have outlined a minimum level of standards, we require our suppliers to meet and maintain. These standards are in relation to human rights, occupational health and safety, environmental management and ethical business processes. We have aligned our standards with the Ethical Trading Initiative.

We will also require our suppliers to undergo periodic compliance audits to ensure our standards are being met.


Every stage of a garment’s life cycle has an impact on the environment, from processing the fibre to washing a garment. When selecting our fabrics, we take into consideration the varying degrees of effect and do our best to select those that bear a lower environmental impact.

Through each season we endeavour to include natural, organic, recycled and repurposed materials throughout our collections.


As a fashion brand, we believe it is our responsibility to do everything possible to ensure our garments are made to the highest quality. We design them in such a way that they will last as treasures in your wardrobe. From only using the highest quality materials, to our exceptional local Melbourne makers, to an extensive quality control process, we do our best to ensure you are able to enjoy a long relationship with them.

Now it’s your turn, caring for them. We strongly believe through love and care, it is possible to extend the life of your clothes. We want to share some tips that we hope will be helpful when caring for your garments.

To combat your water and energy consumption we recommend thinking before you wash. If it’s a small stain, sometimes a spot clean can do the trick, hand washing is also a great alternative. We also prefer to use an environmentally friendly detergent as they are less harmful to our environment. Use cold temperatures where possible and hang dry preferably outside rather than tumble dry.


To revolutionise our packaging approach, we have made the switch to The Better Packaging Co. to distribute our seasonal wholesale collections and online orders. The comPOST Packs are made from sustainable plants and non-toxic compostable resin which allows them to be 100% biodegradable. They have even received an Australian Standard (AS 5810) for home and commercial composting and claim there is a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions using this combination of materials compared to traditional plastics.

While we understand not all of our customers and stockists have access to composting facilities, we do believe these comPOST Packs are a great alternative to render our plastic waste.


Our swing tags and fabric information tags are printed on recycled card making them recyclable and biodegradable.

One of the challenges of being a predominantly wholesale business is we often don’t get to engage or share our knowledge with our wonderful customers. In an attempt to find a solution, we have included a fabric information tag on each garment, sharing the properties and benefits of each fabric in our collections each season.


Our labels are woven from recycled polyester, meaning we are using what is already available. One of the great advantages of using recycled polyester, is the significantly less energy it uses to produce, compared to that of virgin sourced polyester.


We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint, and make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of transport required in freighting materials, trims and garments, through grouping shipments together, to avoid any unnecessary greenhouse emissions.

One of the major benefits of manufacturing in Melbourne, is the significant reduction in emissions produced between the design and manufacturing process, compared to manufacturing offshore.

As we move forward, we will continue to research and take the necessary actions to lower our impact on the planet.


While this is certainly a journey, and a fluid one at that, we are excited about the challenges ahead, and feel hopeful to inspire change, by sharing our story and extending our knowledge.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us and our journey towards a more sustainable future. If you would like to get in contact, please email us at info@layerd.com.au or visit us on Instagram @layerd_